Tough times come

Sunday. 3rd of July, 2016.
7:17 PM.

Savor the great and happy moments.
Be euphoric and all.
But brace yourself when the tough times come.
Lamentations and all.

This is a rant.

Listening to Bright by Echosmith.
The irony.

For A Better Day by Avicii.
Make it. Please do so.

7:21 PM.
TJ Mac


The smile on your face

Thursday, 16th of June 2016.
8:05 AM.
Van Terminal, Imus.

I woke up early today, which is very unusual. But I am not complaining. I’m actually eager to prepare so I could get to office early.

Around 7:30 AM, I left the house. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then when I got here at the terminal… Boom! Suprise! Ang haba ng pila! Wah!

Petsa na?! Anyways, add me on snapchat: πŸ‘» liltjmac

Mang Orly, the van dispatcher who knows me very well, told me that I will be on third van! Wooh, so amazing, good morning indeed!

(Time Check: 8:10 AM I’m on the van and sa wakas nakaalis na.)

So I just have to patiently wait and stand along the queue. While waiting, I decided to open WordPress app and read blog entries. Then I crossed on an entry talking about break-ups. In the middle of reading it, this song popped in my head:

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes
Saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand
Says you’ll catch me
Whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all

(I hope I got the lyrics right, just wrote what I remember, LOL.)

I don’t know why this song came up in my head. It gave me a good feeling though. It even made me laugh. And my early morning bad mood is suddenly gone.

Thanks to WordPress, to bloggers and their entries and Ronan Keating for his song (akala ko John Keating name nya, hahaha).

It’s just the start of the day. Don’t let simple things ruin your day. Put a smile on that face and seize the day!

Carpe diem!


Good day!

8:27 AM.
TJ Mac

Happiness is…

Wednesday, 15th of June 2016.
7:11 PM.

Happiness is… hmmm…

I attended the Wednesday Mass during lunch time. The priest was Father Joseph from the St. Jerome Parish. Seeing him as I enter the chapel made me excited to listen for the Homily; surely it would be filled with a lot of teachings.

And I was not wrong. He discussed the proper way of praying, fasting and forgiving. He said that with forgiving, you shall have inner peace. But what I really liked the most on the things he shared is this:

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love and happiness will run after you.

Don’t go running over and over. Hindi ka mahabol nung happiness mo. Baka mapagod ‘yan, lagot ka!

As I was starting to write this blog entry and thinking of the proper title, after I typed the word ‘Happiness’, this question stopped me: “Nasaan nga ba ang happiness?”

All I wanted to do on this entry was to share that particular phrase from Father Joseph. Unexpectedly, the mind was vexed by questions for the contentment of the heart.

Is happiness just around the corner?
Would it just pop in front of you when you least expect it?
Is it from the tangible things you acquire?
The places you go to?
The people you meet on this path of life?
More so, is it the memories and feelings you shared with this people?

Ikaw, nasaan ang happiness mo? Or the better question is, are you happy?

Be happy! πŸ™‚

8:04 PM.

TJ Mac.

My one and only you

Sunday, 12th of June 2016.
7:30 PM.

First and foremost, happy 118th Independence Day to all Pinoys out there! Maging malaya tayo!

Now to my topic…

While I am at the thinking tank taking a bath earlier, I thought of this song.
“My one and only you…” Β β™ͺβ™«
And I decided to look for it on Spotify to add it on my playlist. Sadly, songs of Parokya ni Edgar are not available on Spotify. So I just look it up on YouTube. See vid below.

Silly me, I forgot that the title of this song is really Your Song. Also, this song is included on the Inuman Sessions Volume 2, which I have downloaded before. I remember seeing this inside a van while I was going to Laguna. (Well, that particular van has a monitor.)

After listening to this song (replayed it for three times already, while writing this, hahaha), I then realized that I haven’t heard/listened to any PNE songs lately. Nakaka-miss rin.

Inuman Sessions Volume 2

I put the lyrics below from here. Some users put explanations on certain parts of the lyrics. Nakakabaliw lang, ang lakas ng hugot! One user put this on the chorus part: “Why am I in this situation, I hate this feeling, for how many times I tried not to get affected and ignore everything, it just makes no sense. Crying. I need help, please.” Intense! Hahaha!

Kanta na lang tayo! 😁

It took one look
And forever lay out in front of me
One smile then I die
Only to be revived by you

There I was
Thought I had everything figured out
It goes to show just how much I know
About the way life plays out

I take one step away
And I find myself coming back to you
My one and only
One and only you

Now I know
That I’ve known not a thing at all
Except the fact that I am yours
And that you are mine

Oh, you told me that this wouldn’t be easy
And Oh, I’m not one to complain

Repeat Chorus Except Last Line
Repeat Chorus

7:53 PM.

TJ Mac.

Move on the McDo Way πŸ˜‰

Saturday, 11th of June 2016.
7:15 PM.

When it comes to TV commercials, McDonalds never fails to connect to the people. A proof to that is their classic commercial of “Karen po”. For those who don’t know this touchy TVC, see the vid below. (Wah! Parang ang tanda ko na, ang luma na nito!)

Now, I saw their new commercial for the second time. Naaliw lang talaga ako!Β (Weh? Def mech?! LOL). I watched the full commercial on YouTube and appreciated it more. See the vid below.

The message of the video is very clear. Move on!Β Learn to come back and visit the places which may have bad memories for you. Let go of the bad feelings, appreciate the beauty of those places and create new happy memories. Sayang naman diba, kung kunyari sa Boracay, di ka na babalik dun dahil dun kayo nagbreak ng ex mo?? Boracay yun oy!Β But, yeah, I know, it’s not easy, it takes time. Take it slowly and you’ll get over it. Ang lakas ko mag-advice, kala mo kung sino ako na may relationship experience, wala naman! Hahaha!

Other than that, the tag line the TVC used is very timely with the political state of the Philipines. Welcome change! The new-elected President Rodrigo Duterte has promised change for our country. We all hope to that but we have to embrace the change. Welcome the change by being part of the change. Now let me put here the overly used hashtag. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ChangeIsComing

Enough of the seriousness. Now, aside from the concept of the McDo TVC, the young lady is so beautiful and cute. I really took screenshot of the TVC to capture her beautiful face. My niece told me that her name is Ellen Joson. Ang ganda nya talaga! πŸ™‚

Beautiful face πŸ™‚
Cute lady. πŸ™‚
She looks like Maris Racal of PBB on this one.

So move on and welcome the change! Create new happy memories! πŸ‘πŸ»

Note: Before I wrote this, I ordered McDo for my early and late dinner. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sarap ng Oreo McFlurry!Β Was watching The Voice Kids while writing this one.

8:30 PM.
TJ Mac

The Chosen One

Wednesday, 2nd of June 2016.
5:22 PM.

Don’t go crazy. Don’t go nuts. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

You’re the one! Sugo! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


You’re the one!
5:28 PM.
TJ Mac

My Pensieve of You

Wednesday, 1st of June 2016.
7:16 PM.
Somewhere in Daang Hari.

And I sift the contents of my mind, through each strand I see memories of you.

Pensieve (photo from google search)

Being pensive with a pensieve.
A Potterhead would know the distinction. πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

7:33 PM.
TJ Mac

Your Happy Place

Tuesday, 31st of May 2016.
8:05 PM.
CBTL Starmall Molino.

Do you have that place where you get to eat your favorite food and have a gulp of your favorite drink? Think over your thoughts with all peacefulness? Enjoy your time even you are all by yourself? Is there such place where you can do all these? For me, it’s the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf located at Starmall Prima Alabang. Yeah! The best CBTL I have ever been.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Starmall Prima Molino (photo grabbed from
At first, I just tried to eat here since Starmall Molino is one my stop-overs when I go home from work. CBTL is not new to me. I have first tried CBTL at Alabang Town Center and had ordered Spicy Tuna Linguine which has become one of my fave dishes. (As of writing, that’s what I’m eating for dinner. LOL!)

Spicy Tuna Linguine and Ice-Blended Pure Double Chocolate

After that first visit, I thought that this place would be good option to have dinner since firstly, it’s on my way home and  secondly, CBTL offers food that would really satiate my appetite (unlike Starbucks that, afaik, only offers pastries). Then that first visit was followed by another one and by that time, I availed of their Rewards Card. With the card, I became a member, earn points and the most useful benefit of all: I get access of their wifi (reliable connection and always changing password, hahaha!)

CBTL Rewards Card

After few more visits, I was surprised that the staff of CBTL remembered my name and even greets me as I enter the shop: “Hi Sir TJ!” Even my officemates noticed that I have frequently visiting CBTL. I was not aware that it has become a habit! Well, I think there’s nothing wrong about that!
Counter Area

Now, what I really like about this particular branch of CBTL is that they have a very wide space. I think you can even throw a party here for about a hundred people. You won’t have a problem securing your seat.

Another plus factor for this place is the ambiance which gives a relaxing feel. I think the beautiful furniture set, the designs on the wall and the proper lighting contributed to that which over all provide the coziness. A really good place to enjoy the delicious food they serve and relax my mind.

Look at those greens on the wall serving as decors πŸ‘πŸ»
That long table and the lights are always inviting 😁

Other notes and trivias:

  • This is the first and only CBTL in Asia with a Drive-Thru Services
  • The staff are very friendly and accomodating
  • I do not drink coffee but hey, CBTL offers coffee-free ice-blended drinks (buti na lang talaga!)
  • Dapat may selfie ako with the staff kaso laging may dumarating na customers! Sayang!

How about you, where is your happy place?

Additional note: On June 4, from 11am to 1pm, the branch will be giving free drinks to cardholders. The drinks are new flavors that they will be offering. 😁

9:11 PM.

TJ Mac

That someone was me.

Monday, 30th of May 2016.
9:35 AM. Office.

You are always with someone. That someone used to be me.

I was once the person you are were always with.

[Word play.]


9:42 AM.
TJ Mac

Tough Love

Today’s episode of Kalyeserye is heartbreaking. No one can deny that.
Of so many torments someone can experience, a heartbreak is one of the most painful.

What more of the scenes we have seen in Kalyeserye?

The one that completes your day.
The one you always think about.
The one you care about so much.
The one you make sacrifices for.
The one you always make happy because his/her happiness is your own happiness.
The one who makes you do the weirdest stuff and only the two of you can understand it. And you do it because you two are having fun together.
The one that keeps you going.
The one who lets you feel what is it like to love and be loved.

And this happened: you are forced to be with someone else.

Then that one, looking straightly in your eyes, tells you that it is all over.
That what you two have must be stopped and be ended.
That there is nothing left.
That he/she does not feel the same any more.
That the love he/she has for you is all gone.
That he/she has to let you go.

How can someone even endure that pain? No. How can someone take all that emotions? To understand any of it?
And the biggest joke is this: you know all that he/she has told you are just lies.
Lies he/she had to tell you believing that it will lessen the pain the both of you are going through.
Lies that are supposed to stop you from loving him/her.
Lies you need to hear because his/her love for you is too loud and cannot be contained.
That he/she just truly loves you.

Too painful that you just have to go away.

The irony. It is all twisted.

And yet mankind never stops to love. Weird, right?
But it’s because we have that longing to love someone and be loved by someone.

So what to do after that?
I am no love expert, but this I am sure:
Hold on. God has His ways. Have faith in Him.

I know Kalyeserye is just a fictional story. That there’s a fine line between reel and real. But look how devastated and saddened the ALDUB Nation and all the Dabarkads are with what just happened. And just look how it made me write something about love. It is because Kalyeserye is always able to touch the real stories of people, the real stories of love. It lets everyone learn about love. The love for friends. The love for family. The love for “the one”. With this, kudos to Kalyeserye, its writers, Eat Bulaga, and especially JoWaPao, Maine and Alden who have been all so great in delivering what we need to learn about love.

And if you hurt me
Well, that’s OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won’t ever let you go

Don’t give up on us baby, don’t make the wrong seem right

I nearly lost my head last night, you’ve got a right to stop believing
There’s still a little love left, even so

Don’t give up on us baby I know
We can still come through

There’s nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you